How to be More Fuel Efficient

As the price of fuel continuously increases, increasing your fuel efficiency is the best way to be more economical. Consuming less fuel means less cost and more savings for you. Here are some practical ways to maximize your fuel efficiency (apart from buying a more fuel-efficient car, of course):

Keep your car well-maintained.
This means performing simple maintenance regularly, following the schedule in the user’s manual. This involves checking the fluid levels regularly, checking the battery, replacing your cabin air filter, replacing your engine air filter, changing your spark plugs, and checking your oil and changing it and your oil filter regularly. By making sure that your car is in peak condition, you get to improve your fuel economy. This will also lengthen the life of your car, helping you avoid costly repairs and major fixes in the future.

Shed some weight off.
Remove unnecessary bulk from your car. This is quite simple. If you do not need something, just remove it and do not bring it when you are driving. This is because the more weight you put on your car, the less fuel efficient it will be. Should you really need to bring a heavy object, put it inside the trunk or the car itself, instead of on the roof, to reduce drag.

Always keep your tires in check.
This goes hand in hand with making sure that your car is well-maintained. Always check your tires, by making it a part of your regular routine. Always make sure that they are properly inflated and that they are aligned. If the tire pressures are low, there will be more rolling resistance which in turn will decrease your gas mileage. So read the manual and make sure that your tires are up to the recommended values. Also, if you can, get a set of low rolling resistance tires. Low resistance tires require less effort to roll along the road. Alternatively, you can get narrower tires because they have less traction which also means less drag. Most importantly, get a tire that is compatible with your wheels. All these will help you save in the long run as you get to improve and increase gas mileage.

Be mindful of your driving habits.
Unless you are competing in a race, there is no need to go on full road rage. Reduce your speed accordingly. This is because the faster you drive, the more effort your engine will need. Speeding significantly reduces your fuel efficiency. Also, try to control and maintain your speed. Keeping a constant speed actually helps reduce fuel consumption. Furthermore, avoid being idle for too long. Idling your car consumes and wastes a large amount of fuel. Should you need to warm up your car, simply drive slowly until it reaches the proper temperature.

All these tips are practical ways of increasing your fuel economy. They are quite easy to implement as all they would take is some research and some common sense. By keeping yourself educated through reliable sites and by reading the manual, you get to be more economical.

But do you want to know the most practical and the easiest way? It’s easy. Just walk. Avoid using your car when you. If you traveling short distances and if it is not such a hassle to walk, then do so. You get to save fuel, plus a little exercise never hurts anybody, right?