Things to Do in Your Car While High Other Than Drive

If you smoke medical marijuana and own a vehicle, there’s a good chance you’ve found yourself too high to drive. Even if you think you aren’t – there are strict laws in place dealing with intoxicated driving, and with good reason.
You may be leaving a friend’s place, after a night of smoking, or just stopping for a break from a long drive, but, if you’re engine is on you’re liable for charges. So, what’s there to do while you’re waiting to come down?

Listen to the Radio

This may seem too obvious, but a great way to pass the time, and enjoy your high, is to put on some tunes and chill. The music can help you relax after a long drive, or wake you up after a long night. Of course, dancing in your seat and singing along will make the experience all the more enjoyable. This is also a great opportunity to adjust your stereo’s levels, so you have an optimal listening experience when you’re driving.

Clean It Out

Since you’re not going anywhere for a bit, why not clean out your car. From random trash to old receipts, this is the perfect time to organise your vehicle. Furthermore, while high, you may see things that you would not usually mind, such as smudges, or gum stuck to a seat. With a little time and effort, you can fool your friends into believing it was just detailed!

Check the Fluids

Another efficient way to pass the time is to check your vehicles’ fluids systematically. Oil, washer fluid, anti-freeze, radiator fluid, and even your tires. Of course, if you keep a supply of these in the trunk, you can always go one step further and fill them too!

Dial a Friend

Have any friends or family you haven’t talked to in a while? Use this opportunity to call them up, and have a conversation. If you’re a fair distance away, consider calling your significant other. While your friends or family might be a bit annoyed that you called to babble while high, they’ll be glad that you chose to call them, instead of drive under the influence.

Take a Nap

You may be reluctant to waste your high, but sometimes a good nap is just what’s needed. After a long drive you may find yourself tired and unable to concentrate on the road, but cramped, stressed, and unable to sleep. The puff you had may be just enough to let you relax enough and get a couple of hours of sleep, so you’re alert and clearheaded to drive again.

Play a Game

If you’re with a friend, why not play a car game? They may try to pressure to go before you’re comfortable to, so you can keep yourself safe, and them occupied, by playing a game. While ‘I spy’ may seem childish, it certainly is fun while high. Other games include 20 questions, would you rather, tic-tac-toe, or hangman. This is also a great way to learn about your friends, and let them learn about you.