What To Look For In An Auto Mechanic

Your car is one of your major investment and you need it to perform at its peak at all times. This means that you need to visit your auto mechanic regularly for scheduled maintenance to keep it in top shape. When your car gives you an unwanted sign or unusual sound, you depend heavily on your auto mechanic to diagnose and fix the issue in the shortest time possible. Your auto mechanic is expected to work quickly and ethically and he can as well be your best friend or worst nightmare. It is important to look at certain traits in an auto mechanic before settling with one.

The following are traits to be checked for in an auto mechanic;

  • CERTIFICATION: Your auto mechanic should be highly certified by a recognized body. Some good auto mechanics will be ASE certified and have a certification including areas of expertise and proficiency. Certificate indicated that he is a professional and dedicated towards improving and increasing his knowledge base. You should also know that a certificate does not guarantee good service.
  • AFFILIATIONS: An experienced auto mechanic knows the advantages of affiliating himself with a top-notch auto mechanic or vehicle manufacturer. Affiliation creates a business environment that birth exchange of ideas and knowledge as well as quality auto parts. You should not only consider the auto mechanic but whom the auto mechanic is affiliated to and their record. This gives you an insight into the type, quality and cost of service you will be getting.
  • Reviews: you should consider looking into the reviews of past customers. with giving much weight to single or a few reviews. An individual reviewer may not be satisfied for reasons beyond technical control and he may also be over excited about the service. You should look for continuous reviews, positive reviews indicate good service while the negative ones signify you steer clear.
  • UNBEATABLE PRICE AND CONVENIENCE: an auto mechanic should work honestly, effectively and avoid big surprises on cost and time. an expensive service doesn’t guarantee quality service but recognizes that it legitimately cost more to provide services. The convenience of the location should also be factored. Auto mechanic located in a place with a high standard of living tend to charge you more and should only be considered when you work or live in such area. The location of the auto mechanic also grants him access to the latest technology and auto part.
  • SPECIALIZATION: auto mechanics have their area of specialization on the types or parts of a car. While some can work on a wide range of parts or cars, others are knowledgeable in few areas. When choosing an auto mechanic you should choose one that specializes in your car model. Your auto mechanic should also be knowledgeable in two or more areas.
  • EQUIPMENT AND AUTO PARTS: The size of your auto mechanic determines the amount of equipment and level of automation. Your auto mechanics should have the basic equipment required to work in his area of specialization. In addition, you should also choose an auto mechanic who has a stock of relevant auto parts because this will save you the time of purchasing the auto parts.

In addition, you auto mechanic should also possess the following qualities

  1. Strong customer service skills
  2. Strong communication skills
  3. Good diagnostics skill
  4. Problem-solving skills
  5. Solid work ethic
  6. Strong technical aptitude
  7. Up-to-date technology
  8. Good leadership skill
  9. Honesty and integrity